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Level Test

 Take advantage of our free 10-minute online Mandarin test to get started on your path to mastering the language.

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About DM Test

Welcome to the Dao Mandarin Mandarin Level Test! This online test is designed to assess your proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and determine your current skill level. After taking the test, you'll gain insights into your Mandarin proficiency, helping you understand which level best represents your language skills. Whether you're a beginner or have been studying Mandarin for some time, this test will provide you with valuable feedback on your understanding and knowledge of the language.


Test Structure:


  • Levels:

There are six levels in total, ranging from beginner to advanced.

  • Questions:

Each level test consists of 13-18 questions tailored to the respective proficiency level.

  • Format:

The test comprises multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and listening comprehension questions to evaluate different language skills.

Speaking Assessment:

If you're interested in assessing your spoken Mandarin skills, we offer a free spoken level test. By submitting the spoken test form, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your speaking abilities, receive valuable feedback, and determine your speaking proficiency level.

Level Test

Choose a Level 

Choose any level to test yourself from Baisc HSK-1 to Advanced HSK-6.

  • Ability: Able to understand and use simple everyday phrases.

  • Vocabulary: Approximately 150 words.


  • Ability: Able to communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information.

  • Vocabulary: Approximately 300 words.


  • Ability: Able to communicate in Chinese at a basic level in daily, academic, and professional lives.

  • Vocabulary: Approximately 600 words.


  • Ability: Able to converse in Chinese on a wide range of topics and communicate fluently with native Chinese speakers.

  • Vocabulary: Approximately 1,200 words.


  • Ability: Able to read Chinese newspapers and magazines, watch Chinese films, and give a full-length speech in Chinese.

  • Vocabulary: Approximately 2,500 words.


  • Ability: Able to easily understand what they read and listen to, and express themselves fluently in written and oral form.

  • Vocabulary: Approximately 5,000 words.


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