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At Dao Mandaring, our flexible scheduling options and personalized approach make it easy for you to learn Mandarin on your own terms.

Our 1 on 1 Mandarin Program is perfect for those who want to fit language learning into their busy schedules, without sacrificing quality or progress.


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Our mission at Dao Mandarin is to make learning Chinese easy, fun, and engaging. Our highly qualified teachers have studied Chinese language and culture extensively and received professional education backgrounds to provide our students with the best learning experience. They are friendly and patient, making our courses suitable for learners of all ages and levels.  Join us today and satrt to  learn Chinese with your favorite teacher !

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Teaching Methods

Dao Mandarin`s cutting-edge teaching methods provide a personalized approach to learning that will have you speaking confidently in no time

Linking Words

At Dao Mandarin, we employ the innovative Linking Words Teaching Method to facilitate Mandarin Chinese language acquisition. This approach involves strategically combining related vocabularies when introducing specific words to students. By contextualizing new vocabulary within interconnected clusters, learners gain a deeper understanding of semantic relationships and linguistic patterns, thereby enhancing comprehension and retention. This method not only simplifies the memorization process but also promotes the organic expansion of students' vocabularies. Through systematic and interconnected learning, we empower students to navigate the complexities of Mandarin Chinese with confidence and ease.

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Don't let language barriers hold you back – take our free online Chinese level test today and unlock your full potential in mastering Mandarin. Our level test is designed  based on HSK test for 6 levels.


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