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What is Business Chinese Test ?

The Business Chinese Test (BCT) is an internationally recognized proficiency exam specifically designed to assess the Chinese language skills of non-native speakers in business and professional contexts. It is administered by Hanban, the Office of Chinese Language Council International (also known as HSK), and is widely recognized by businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies worldwide.

How many levels ?

The Business Chinese Test (BCT) is divided into three levels, each designed to assess proficiency in Business Chinese language skills at different stages. Here are the three levels of the BCT:

BCT( Business Chinese Test) level chart.png

This is the basic level of the Business Chinese Test. It is suitable for candidates who have mastered basic Chinese language skills and have a basic understanding of business-related vocabulary and concepts. The BCT (A) assesses candidates' ability to understand simple business conversations, read basic business-related texts, and write simple business correspondence.
Duration: 1 hour

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