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What is AP Chinese?

"AP Chinese" refers to the Advanced Placement (AP) Chinese Language and Culture exam. It is one of the exams offered by the College Board as part of the AP program.  The AP program, administered by the College Board in the United States, offers high school students the opportunity to take college-level courses and earn college credit if they perform well on the corresponding AP exams.

Students who take AP Chinese classes typically study Chinese language and culture in depth, focusing on vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, listening skills, and cultural understanding. These courses often follow a curriculum that aligns with the content and skills tested on the AP exam. They may include practice exams, essay writing, speaking exercises, cultural discussions, and other activities to help students develop the necessary skills to succeed on the exam.

How many levels ?

There is only one level of the AP Chinese exam offered by the College Board. This exam, known as the AP Chinese Language and Culture exam, is designed to assess students' proficiency in Mandarin Chinese at a level comparable to that of a fourth-year (or equivalent) college course in Chinese language and culture.

While there is only one official level of the AP Chinese exam, students may have different levels of proficiency in Mandarin Chinese depending on their prior experience and coursework. Some students may take the AP Chinese exam after several years of studying Chinese language and culture, while others may have less experience.

It's important to note that while there is only one level of the AP Chinese exam, students may choose to take the exam after different amounts of preparation and study, and their scores on the exam may reflect their individual levels of proficiency.

Comprehensive AP Chinese Language and Culture Prep Course 

Our course is designed to cater to your individual Mandarin proficiency level, ensuring that you receive personalized instruction and support as you prepare for the AP Chinese exam. Our experienced instructors will assess your current skills and design a customized study plan and curriculum specifically tailored to your needs and goals. Through interactive lessons, targeted practice exercises, cultural discussions, and personalized feedback, you'll build the confidence and skills necessary to excel on the exam.

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