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Learn Chinese

Chinese numbers are key to everyday activities like shopping and traveling. Dao Mandarin will help you learn the basics, from counting to recognizing patterns, making it easy to understand and use Chinese numbers.

Learn Chinese numbers from 1 to 10 by clicking the phone button on the right.

A: nǐ de shǒu jī hào shì duō shǎo

你的 手机号是多少?

What`s your phone number?

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B: wǒ de shǒu jī hào mǎ shì

我 的  手机  号码  是1314569789

My Phone No. 

Dialogue 1

Dialogue 2

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    nǐ hǎo,nǐ de fáng jiān hào mǎ shì

A:你好, 你 的 房间  号码   是  311。

    Hi, your room number is 311.

   xiè xie

B: 谢谢!

     Thank you !

Chinese Lucky number and unlucky number


Number plays a huge role in daily lives of Chinese people from in which day to get married to how much money you put in red envelope, people always try to choose the lucky number and stay away from the unlucky ones.

Among those numbers ,the most well known lucky and unlucky number in  Chinese,is 8 and 4.


Lucky Number

Chinese like 8,the word bā sounds similar to the word 发fā,which means to become wealthy.When buying a car,people tend to choose a 888 license plate.


Free Chinese Numbers Test

let's do a listening practice session together to test your skills with numbers !

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