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Sandy Sun

Mandarin Teacher

Beijing Time :
Monday - Sunday
12:00am - 5:00 pm

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Per Session:

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Hello, everyone. I'm Miss Sandy, a Chinese teacher. I have experience teaching Chinese in primary schools and training institutions.

Certificate :

I graduated from Hubei University majoring in Chinese language and literature.

I have a Mandarin Level 2 Grade A certificate and an IPA Advanced Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate

Teaching Methods:

My courses include children's interest in Pinyin, primary school Chinese, exquisite animation courseware, colorful teaching tools and various interactive ways (children's songs, painting, origami, word relay, etc.) to create a relaxed and interesting classroom atmosphere for children.

Teenager to adult courses are also very distinctive. Pinyin class, Oral class ,they are close to the theme of life, including four aspects: clothing, food, housing and transportation. For HSK1-6, AP Chinese test 。

The Chinese culture class I made myself covers traditional festivals, tea culture, and food classes Over the years, my students have come from Britain, the United States, Sri Lanka, Germany, Vietnam and other countries. Online and offline students are better integrated into the classroom. What are you waiting for? Come and join me!


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