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Easy greetings in Chinese

Greetings in Chinese
Greetings in Chinese

1. 你好Nî hâo! ((nee how; Hi; How are you?)

2. 谢谢 Xièxiè. (shyeh shyeh; Thank you.)

3. 不客气 Bú kèqì. (boo kuh chee; You’re welcome;

Don’t mention it.)

4. 没事 Méi shì. (may shir; It’s nothing; Don’t mention it.)

5. 好极了 Hâo jíle. (how jee luh; Great; Fantastic.)

6. 对了 Duì le. (dway luh; That’s right.)

7. 对不起 Duìbuqî. (dway boo chee; Excuse me.)

8. 算了Suàn le. (swan luh; Forget it; Nevermind.)

9.没有 Méiyôu gu≈nxi. (mayo gwan she; It doesn’t matter.)

10. 等一下 Dêng yíxià. (dung ee shyah; Wait a minute.)

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