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📣👉Job Role/Key Areas of Responsibility The HAC is responsible for delivery and improvement of the quality of teaching and learning for the American MacDuffie Curriculum within the assigned School. 
Supervision: Reports to the School Principal Consults with the Academic Director Will also work with Head of Chinese Curriculum  
Working hours: 
The HAC works for 40 hours per week, teaching up to 12 classes per week or as needed, for the whole of the School Year. The HAC will be required to work 5 days per week from Monday to Friday.  The HAC will also be required to represent the school at marketing events during the weekends or to find a suitable replacement. Management duties may occasionally require hours above 40 per week. 
Main Responsibilities: 1. Training, staff development and management 
 Encourage, facilitate and participate in the professional development of teachers. 
 Regularly observe teachers, according to school guidelines. 
 Provide training to the marketing, sales and service teams regarding the Academic Curriculum and any updates or changes.

 Train and induct teachers in operational procedures and school company products. 
 Work with the Head of Standardized Testing and teachers to constantly improve the academic quality of the campus.

 Lead and/or arrange seminars and workshops in teacher development. 
 Regularly evaluate academic staff, establishing clear goals and priorities for improvement and development according to school guidelines. 
 Deal with staff (teacher, Head of Standardized Testing and Marketing/Student Recruitment) concerns promptly and effectively, communicating needs to other managers/departments as necessary. 
 Organize and lead regular staff meetings and effectively communicate management decisions to teachers. 
 Implement changes resulting from group decisions, in agreement with Head Office. 
2. Scheduling and teacher utility 
 Plan and organize his/her own and teachers’ time efficiently and in the best interests of the campus.

 Assign him/herself willingly the appropriate teaching hours.

 Prepare lessons and equipment in advance for all classes.

 Substitute or arrange cover for classes according to guidelines. 
3. Administrative routines 
 To complete and submit a monthly report to the School Principal. 
 To hold weekly staff meetings with teaching staff and to submit the minutes of the meeting to the School Principal.

 Ensure academic function’s full compliance with administrative duties as defined by school Guidelines.

 Use company mail account and read company email daily and intranet periodically. 
4. Centre development and operation 
 Coordinate and implement all course management procedures in a timely manner.

 Meet regularly with the Head of Chinese Curriculum and exchange all relevant information. 
 Ensure the correct completion of the Academic Student Management system by all American Curriculum teachers.

 Host parent meetings as required by the School Principal. 
 Ensure that displays create an atmosphere conducive to learning, with the approval of the School Principal. 
 Organize and participate in promotional activities as required by the School.  Share relevant materials produced on-site with the Academic Director for the benefit of all centers. 5. Professional development 
 Regularly evaluate own performance and progress. 
 Maintain awareness of new teaching methodology and developments. 
 Always seek to develop and update skills in accordance with changes in programs as directed by Schools guidelines. 
 Participate in all training, conferences and seminars offered by the Head Office. 

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