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English Teacher



International Primary School









📣👉Recruitment of ESL Teacher 
Job Responsibilities: 
  1. Responsible for teaching ESL international courses in Primary School; 
  2. Responsible for the teaching and development of ESL courses; 
  3. Implement the teaching plan, ensure the quality of teaching, participate 
in teaching evaluation, etc. 
  4. Organize test activities in stages according to the time of the course to 
assess the levels of students 
Job requirements: 
  1. Education background: Bachelor degree or above; 
  2. Language requirements: Native English speaker 
  3. Teaching experience: More than one year of ESL course teaching 
experience and good teaching results, master effective teaching methods, 
and be good at mobilizing the classroom atmosphere; 
  4. Competency: Have a extensive understanding of ESL International 
Course and have solid professional knowledge and skills; 
  5. Other requirements: passion for education, and desire to have 
development and achievements in the education industry; team spirit, 
energetic, innovative, responsible,determination and resilience. 

1.    Salary Range: 15-20K per month depends on experience 
2.    Airfare Allowance:  10K per year 
3.    Housing Allowance 36K per year 
4.    Renewal Bonus: 13th month salary 
5.    Paid Holidays:  
- Chinese Public Holidays 
- Winter & Summer Vacation 
6. International Health Insurance 

👇***How to appy 

Email : 
wechat :135 8163 5501 

Live Chat to inquire 

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