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Zhiyong /David

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Zhiyong /David
Languages: Mandarin/English/German
Teaching experience: 3.5
你们好!Hi, this is Zhiyong , with rich language learning/teaching experience and certificate of “Mandarin “level.

Teaching style: gentle with patience as well as a little necessary strictness which is also required for language teaching. Creativity and practicality are also important during the process.

Course features: Create Internet-based teaching and learning environment with immersive atmosphere. Provide different topics and exercises of Chinese learning for children and adults, so as to promote the use of the language and cultural understanding. Although the teaching process should be implemented in the target language (Chinese), step by step, it is beneficial to Chinese teaching/learning with properly consideration of the characteristics of learners' mother tongue. The teaching method will integrate hearing, vision, oral expression and writing into language learning practice. I hope you enjoy the Chinese learning with me and reach your goal.

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