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Dehuan is highly qualified Mandarin Teacher online. She studied how to teach Mandarin as second language in University for 4 years and after that, she went to abroad to teach Mandarin for 2 years  and her total teaching experience is 3 years, she is very patient and creative to create tailor made study plan for each student she teachs. She also speaks excellent English to help beginner students to easy understand the course.


Mandarin Teacher

Hi,my name is Tanqing and you can also call me Julia. I come from China and Hunan is my hometown, after I graduated from Central South University. I began to teaching others Chinese for 2 years, and I have taught students from different countries and different ages,so I can provide lessons according to student's needs and interests, such as HSK, or practicing and improving your reading or speaking ability. No matter you are a new beginner or you are interested in Chinese and would like to learn more about Chinese language and Chinese culture, please feel free to contact me, I hope I can meet you soon and it'll be my great honor to communicate with you.

Julia Tan

Mandarin Teacher

Hello, everyone. I'm Miss Sandy, a Chinese teacher. I have experience teaching Chinese in primary schools and training institutions. I graduated from Hubei University majoring in Chinese language and literature.
I have a Mandarin Level 2 Grade A certificate and an IPA Advanced Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate
My courses include children's interest in Pinyin, primary school Chinese, exquisite animation courseware, colorful teaching tools and various interactive ways (children's songs, painting, origami, word relay, etc.) to create a relaxed and interesting classroom atmosphere for children.
Teenager to adult courses are also very distinctive. Pinyin class, Oral class ,they are close to the theme of life, including four aspects: clothing, food, housing and transportation. For HSK1-6, AP Chinese test 。
The Chinese culture class I made myself covers traditional festivals, tea culture, and food classes 
Over the years, my students have come from Britain, the United States, Sri Lanka, Germany, Vietnam and other countries. Online and offline students are better integrated into the classroom. What are you waiting for? Come and join me!

Sandy Sun

Mandarin Teacher

hi, I am Sun Jia(孙嘉), you can also call me Sophia, a 23-year-old from Chengdu, China.I am eager to help people from all over the world learn this fascinating language. i strongly believe that learning should be fun and interactive. In my teaching approach, I focus on communicative methods, using multimedia, interactive exercises, and real-life scenarios to create an immersive learning environment. My goal is to make the learning experience engaging and tailored to each student’s needs and preferences.

Sophia Sun

Mandarin Teacher

Teacher: You Min, GPST qualified as an international Chinese teacher. 

Teaching style: Gentle and patient, good at guiding students toward their individial learning objectives. 

Course features: excels at interest-based teaching and creating an immersive classroom atmosphere. Passionate about teaching Chinese to young children and adults, and possessing accumulated teaching experience. You adopts different teaching methods for students of different ages to create an immersive class with open thinking. With teacher You, you will have a partner helping you throughout the learning process and going at your speed.

You Min

Mandarin Teacher

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