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10 ways to express greetings in Chinese !

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

1. 你好 nǐ hǎo The most common one ,“你好” is usually among strangers or people you are not familiar with.

2. HI/HELLO 嘿 / 哈喽 hēi / hā lou 嘿/哈喽 are originated from English Hi/HELLO, actually you can directly say Hi or Hello in English to greet people, but this one is more common used among young Chinese and its often used among friends.

3. 早啊 zǎo ā 早啊 is actually an abbreviation from of 早上好 Good Morning, why people prefer to use “早啊” instead of using 早上好? its because sometimes 早上好 would make people feel a little bit of offcial,so usally people prefer to use 早啊 in the morning to greet people.

4. 忙呢?máng ne ? 忙 means busy, 呢 is used at the end of sentence to make a question. 忙呢 means are you busy ? people use it when they see you are busy at something and they want to get your attention.

5. 你吃饭了吗?nǐ chī fàn le ma ?

你 means you, 吃饭 to eat food, 了 means finish doing sth, 吗 is used at the end of sentence to ask a question. This one is usually used before and after the meal time to show their attention to you to know if you have had food.

6. 干啥去?gàn shá qù ?

干 means do 啥 what 去 where ? Where are you going ?

7. 最近怎么样? zuì jìn zěn me yàng ?

最近 means lately , 怎么样 means how about. How are you latey ?

8. 好久不见 hǎo jiǔ bú jiàn

Long time no see

9. 干嘛呢?gàn ma ne ?

What are you doing ? This one is used among friends , when they are curious what you are doing and want to get your attention, they would directly ask "干嘛呢” to.

10. 溜达呢? liū dá ne ?

溜达 means to have a walk, 呢 is placed at the end of sentence to denote a suggestion or a request. It also makes the tone of speech softer.

When you see someone is having a walk, you can say “溜达呢? ”

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