Lesson 8

我想喝茶 I`d like some tea
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Dialogue 1. 在饭馆儿 In a restaurant

A: 你想喝什么?

What would like to drink ?

B: 我想喝茶

I`d like to have some tea.


What would you like to eat ?


I`d like rice.

New Words

  1. 想 mod. to want, would like

  2. 喝 v. to drink

  3. 茶 n. tea

  4. 吃 v. to eat

  5. 米饭 n. cooked rice

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Dialogue 2. 在客厅 In the living room

A: 下午你想做什么?

What would you like to do this afternoon ?


I`d like to go shopping.

A: 你想买什么?

What do you want to buy ?

B: 我想买一个杯子

I want to buy a cup

New Words

6. 下午 n. afternoon

7. 商店 n. shop, atore

8. 买 v. to buy, to purchase

9. 个 m. a general measure word

10. 杯子 n. cup, glass

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