Lesson 1

你好 Hello
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Dialogue.1 对话一

你好 nǐ hǎo

你好 nǐ hǎo

New Words

  1. 你 nǐ pron. (singular) you

  2. 好 hǎo aj. good, fine

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Dialogue.2 对话二

您好 : nín hǎo


您好 :nín hǎo


Explanation :

您 : You ( address with respect) 心 under the 你 means heart. Combine together which means you with my heart.

好 : Good

Character : 女- female 男:male , combine together means good, in ancient Chinese, they think when you have a son and a daughter, this is good.

New Words:

3. 您 nín pron. (polite) you

4. 你们 nǐ men pron. (plural) you

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