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Qixi Festival /Double Seven Festival FactsChinese Name: 七夕节 Qīxījié /chee-sshee-jyeah/ 'Seventh Evening Festival'Date: August 14, 2021 (month 7 day 7 of the Chinese lunar calendar)History: over 2,000 yearsCelebrations: giving gifts (flowers, chocolates, ties...) to romantic partners, romantic dates - dinners, movies, etc.Original Story The general tale is a love story between Zhinü (织女, the weaver girl)  and Niulang (牛郎, the cowherd).Niulang 牛郎was an orphan who lived with his brother and sister-in-law. He was often abused by his sister-in-law. They eventually kicked him out of the house, and gave him nothing but an old cow. One day, the old cow suddenly spoke out, telling Niulang that a fairy will come, and that she is the heavenly weaver. It said the fairy will stay here if she fails to go back to heaven before morning. In accordance with what the old cow said, Niulang saw the beautiful fairy and fell in love with her, then they got married. The emperor of heaven(玉皇大帝, The Jade Emperor) found out about this and was furious, so he sent minions to escort the heavenly weaver back to heaven. Niulang was heartbroken and decided to chase after them. However, the Queen Mother of the West drew a Silver River (The Milky Way) in the sky and blocked his way. Meanwhile, the love between Niulang and the weaver `s story moved the magpie , and they want to help them to unit and thus they flied  together  to built a bridge of magpies over the Silver River for them to meet. The Emperor of Heaven was also moved by the sight, and allowed this couple to meet on the Magpie Bridge in the heaven once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. That was the origin of the Qixi Festival Story.  Chinese people want to celebrate this day to express their feelings to this true love story. 

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【海誓山盟】hǎi shì shān méng 

  a solemn pledge of love

hǎi: the coean 

shì:  the vow; swear

shì: Moutain 

méng  :  Unit 

e.g. 【例句】

Once a solemn pledge of love has been already indifferent, did two persons lead along by hand andreally already go to the end?


【订婚】dìng hūn 

e.g. 【例句】

dìng: pin 

hūn: 婚姻 marriage

 to engaged


Lina and Dapeng has engaged.

【相亲 】xiāng  qīn 

e.g. 【例句】

xiāng: 相互 each other

qīn : 亲戚 relatives 

blind date/match making 


This couple met by blind date.

【闪婚】shǎn hūn 

lighting marriage

shǎn : light, it usually used to describe quick.


e.g. 【例句】

Lightning marriage is not a good choice, because it needs time to get to know others, to see whetherthe two people are suitable to live together.


【结婚】jié hūn  

to get married

jié:结合 to unit 

hūn  :  婚姻marriage 

e.g. 【例句】


They decided to formalize their relationship by getting married.

【一见钟情】yī jiàn zhōng qíng  

: first 

jiàn: to meet/sight 见到 

zhōn: crush

qíng:love  感情/爱情

Love at the first sight

e.g. 【例句】


He was fantastically handsome – I just fell for him right away.

【日久生情】rì jiǔ shēng qíng 

love will come in time

e.g. 【例句】

: day 

jiǔ  : long  time 

shēng: grow 

qíng : feelings/love

e.g. 【例句】


What are some of the differences between love and infatuation? Genuine love is more likely to involve a process of "growing" in love rather than "falling" in love.

【有情人终成眷属】yǒu qíng rén zhōng chéng juàn shǔ 

All shall be well, jack shall have Jill /The lovers finally got married.

yǒu : to have 

情人qíng rén: the lover 

zhōng : Finanly 

chéng : to become 

眷属 juàn shǔ : couple 

e.g. 【例句】

Even though she had left, he still believe that all shall be well, jack shall have Jill, he must dosomething.


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