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Learn Color in Mandarin


Color: 颜色( yánsè)

  • Red - 红色 (Hóngsè):

Tip: The word for red sounds a bit like "Hong Kong." Imagine the vibrant red colors often associated with Hong Kong.

  • Blue - 蓝色 (Lán sè):

Tip: Think of a clear blue sky (Lán), and associate it with the color blue.

  • Green - 绿色 (Lǜsè):

Tip: The pronunciation is similar to "love." Imagine green landscapes and associate it with the feeling of love.

  • Brown - 棕色 (Zōngsè):

Tip: Think of a brown tree trunk (Zōng).

  • Black - 黑色 (Hēisè):

Tip: The pronunciation sounds like "hey." Picture the dark color associated with the night, saying "hey" in a mysterious setting.

  • Yellow - 黄色 (Huángsè):

Tip: Imagine a bright yellow sun (Huáng) in the sky.

  • Orange - 橙色 (Chéngsè):

Tip: The pronunciation is similar to "change." Imagine the changing colors of a ripe orange.

  • White - 白色 (Báisè):

Tip: Imagine a snowy white landscape (Bái).

  • Grey: 灰色(huīsè)

    • 灰 (Huī):

The pinyin "Huī" is pronounced similar to the English word "hway," but with a flat tone.

Imagine saying "hway" with a steady and even pitch, without rising or falling.

  • Purple - 紫色 (Zǐsè):

Tip: Think of a deep purple flower (Zǐ).

  • Pink - 粉红色 (Fěnhóngsè):

Tip: Picture something feminine and pink (Fěnhóng).

  • Gold: 金色 (jīnsè)

  • Silver: 银色 (yínsè)

  • Colorful: 彩色 (cǎisè)

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